About TKpottery

Dear value customers,

At TKPottery, we are designing, production processing, quality inspection procedures of products made from ceramics and pottery. We are fully priding our self in our skilled sourcing of the finest raw materials and our pay attention to the top quality of our craftsmanship. Each step in the labor-intensive process design, clay mixing, and molding, curing, glazing and firing is performed using traditional techniques handed down by generations of potters. The main products of our supply are: outdoor glaze, slip-cast indoor, high-fire black clay, zinc planter and terra-cotta. We are also outsourcing with others products such as: poly-stone, terrazzo, and fiberglass.

Our prices are very competitive, flexible terms of payment that our Company has the obligation to offer. In addition, stable quality and high assurance are also our strength points. We know that time is money, therefore on time delivery is one of our concerns to increase prestige to customer.  "We bring you quality of products" AND "Your bussiness successful is our pride". Our mission is to be a reliable factory of ceramic products in the south of Vietnam.  Base on the professional application of international business standard for the real benefit of both win win.

It is much more facilitation when our customers can possibly obtain reference of any desired items on demonstration in our factory located in the province of Binh Duong, Vietnam. 

We are eagerly looking forwards to gratifying you in the time to visit.

Best wishes and regards,

THIEN KY EXIM CO., LTD - (TKpottery.com)