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TK Pottery | Zinc ware - Planter Collection | TKP-ZW-07

Style Circle
Catalog Zinc ware - Planter Collection
Size 1: 45L 45W 66H - 17L 17W 25H
Size 2: 37L 37W 55H - 14L 14W 21H
Size 3: 30L 30W 45H - 11L 11W 17H
Pallet size
95L 95W 220H - 37L 37W 86H
12 set
Qty Available
  • Material: Zinc galvanized Tin leaves
  • Forming: Zinc galvanized tin leaves are cut and formed then dyed or leave it in natural metal color.
  • Application: Our zinc products are recommended for indoor using only. Since they are so light and easy to be formed so they could be made in set of 5, 6...10. This product is friendly with environment, because it doesn’t cause waste. If you don't like it, you could bury it under the ground and it will be disintegrated.