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TK Pottery | News

You already know about pottery (10/01/2018)

Currently, due to the need to use pots vietnam pottery to decorate more and more on the market appear pottery pottery production base to meet the needs of users. To find the pottery quality pots sale that pots also have to be reasonable. So how much pots are reasonable to let us find pottery high prices offline.
1. Features of pottery pots
- First of all, it is the lightweight of the pot and makes transport easier to move.
Pottery pottery is coated with good paint, rich colors and beautiful. Not fading, durable over time.
- Can regulate the amount of water in the pot to help prevent waterlogged water or water shortage due to lack of water.
- The heat of the weather is not blistered after use.
2. What pottery is pottery?
With pottery advantages that bring pottery can see this is the most perfect decoration pots today. Pots are produced not only carefully but also use a variety of good materials do not affect the health of users. Many colors are available for you to choose, so pottery pots are also higher than traditional pots or pots.
3.Special pottery cheap but poor quality pottery
Pottery -fiberstone
Pottery -fiberstone is a combination of synthetic resin and fiberglass added to the stone powder. In order to increase the price competitiveness of many pottery production facilities, the powder was added to the fabrication process to save on material costs. Adding the stone powder reduces the adhesive strength of the material, making the mixture brittle, fragile, roughly painted surface and difficult to paint. Because pottery pottery is quite poor quality, color is not beautiful and less durable.
Pottery -Fiberglass pots are also made of plastic resin and fiberglass fiberglass but do not mix stone powder and other impurities. This high-quality material is extremely lightweight, extremely lightweight and extremely durable. After finishing the pottery pot has a smooth surface, good paint adhesion for beautiful and durable paint. This is a high pottery pottery that you should choose to buy.
Highlights pottery pottery
Pottery pots have a variety of designs suitable for a variety of exterior decoration and interior landscaping
Light weight and easy to move
Pots are difficult to break when collided or fall
Variety of colors, no fading and yellowing over time.
The surface of the pot is not blistered like normal pots
High durability with good weather resistance
To buy pottery good quality pottery, you come to our company to have good pots.

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