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TK Pottery | News

Why not choose cheap composite (13/12/2017)

Ornamental plant pots are one of the decorative items to beautify our living space. Plants of natural beauty of nature we not only work to beautify the space of your home but also bring benefits to the health and the spirit of man.

What is the reason that you should not buy cheap pots

In the market today, there are many bases for pots with different designs, which makes it difficult for those with no experience in the field of bonsai to choose a bonsai suitable for their space. myself. If you have the intention of choosing bonsai but do not have much experience, you can refer to:

Composite basins are made of plastic resin and fiberglass fiberglass bonded together, after casting, smoothing, finishing paint. Considering more vietnam pottery planters are divided into two main lines are:

Fiberstone pots are made from a blend of plastic and fiberglass, and have more stone powder, forming a thick but relatively crispy mixture. In the production process to save money, so many manufacturers often use this way.

However, the excessive amount of stone powder makes the weight of the pot increase a lot, in addition, the adhesion of the material is not high, the surface smoothness is not guaranteed, paint on the pot is not. good easy to fade over time.

Fiberglass pots: Made from a mixture of plastic and fiberglass completely without the powder. This material, if seen with your eyes, is very high, extremely durable and lightweight, unlike conventional crispy and heavy materials.

Besides the surface due to no effect of the stone powder so the surface of this pot is very smooth. The color of this pot is extremely good not to fade and always shiny. This type is the most advanced composite pots today, many people love and choose.

Besides these two pots are also some other cheap composite pots such as:

Type 1: Stone powder combined with fiberglass but very large fiber holes. This type of heavy weight, want to drill holes drilled by drilling concrete, the surface of the pot is not smooth and smooth, using a time will scratch and scratches are very aesthetic.

Type 2: Stone powder combined with foam or also known as foam, spray paint coating outside. The foam material should be quite light as a high-grade Composite pot. Easy to drilling holes but because of the layer of stone powder so drilling is not easy and not bad. Use a very badly peeled time.

The third type: resin resins diluted with chemicals to save plastic. Therefore, the pot is not water resistant, easy to crack and blister after use time.

Harmful when using cheap cheap Composite pots

Health effects: Composite pots must be certified to be safe (when exported abroad, they must be certified by Bureau Veritas). Therefore, when using composite pots made in small workshops, poor quality will endanger human health.

Environmental Impact: Materials from cheap composite pots can not be recycled or reused, damaging the surrounding environment.

Loss of aesthetics: Because the ingredients are mainly stone powder, the vietnam pottery cheap pots are not resistant to water, so after the use of pots easily blistered surface. Using pigments from China also causes the paint to fade over time.

Poor quality: The purpose of using a composite pot is because of the lightweight pot, however, the cheap pots always mix the powder to reduce the cost of making the pot.

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