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TK Pottery | News

Vietnamese glazed pottery (16/11/2017)

For the ornamental vietnamese glazed pottery to grow quickly and quickly to meet the requirements of growers to carry pots and reduce the growth of the leaves.

Plants are almost everywhere in homes, public places, conferences, parties, etc. The role of ornamental plants in addition to oxygen exchange also plays a very important role for humans. However, bonsai plays a role as a cosmetic in your environment.

Pot plants serve as a plant that provides plant nutrients, selecting potted plants that will determine the compatibility and potability for a long time. However, in the stage where the young seedlings you can freely choose any pot to care for the plant to grow. At the mature stage, you need to find a "new home" for the tree to grow better

For art pots should pay attention to the height.

If the plants are low, use high pots, high plants use low pots. The general trend for ornamental bonsai is to use a minimum amount of soil to sustain the life of the plant. Do not use pots that are deep, heavy and not beautiful, difficult to move when necessary.

When choosing pots for planting, we first need to plant deep pots for root growth. Each time we change the soil, we remove the soil at the bottom of the bed to make the pots more shallow, doing so several times, when the roots are gradually unfolded and spread evenly on a thin plane, then we can plant on the The size of the pot is small, but it is necessary to replace the land every year, so that the soil needs to be mixed enough for the plant to grow.

 When choosing potted plants you should pay attention to the color of the glaze

Color glaze is considered the background color to highlight the color of flowers, fruits, leaves for the type of flower pots are played flowers, fruits, leaves mainly, Note not to use pots of colored glaze with the same color of flowers. and leaves, pots should be purple, brown or tile color to plant white flowers, trees with bright leaves, or use white, turquoise, gray or green plants.
Choose Vietnamese pottery that are suitable for nursing purposes.

For bonsai trees need to nourish the tree to grow fast and quickly grow to meet the requirements of the plant to transfer pots and reduce the growth of the leaf. At this time, it is possible to choose the pot as you like, size may be appropriate requirements.In case need to display plants where sanctuary, high value trees choose large size pots high price as ancient flowers, ancient…

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