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TK Pottery | News

vietnam pottery planters (12/11/2017)

The speed of urbanization is getting more and more rapid. Everywhere, the high buildings and the townhouses grow together. Observation, there is very little space, garden for each house in the city. It is a good idea to bring greenery into your home with Vietnam pottery

The proportion of outdoor green areas in the public is difficult to change immediately and it takes a lot of time to select the green trees into the interior, right in the living space - our work is a bright option. smooth and necessary.

First, together with the urban public green space, planting green trees in the home increases the urban green coverage ratio per capita. When people are busy with their daily life, return to their beloved home to look at the luxurious plants next to the composite pots, or at the hands of each leaf of a small flower trunk. , all the fatigue, the pressure seems to disappear; Blending into the green space adds vitality to us to cope with the difficulties.

Secondly, if we choose the right plants, it will help to improve the atmosphere, regulate the climate, make the space cooler, and vietnam pottery planters advanced also contributed to increase delicacy, luxury of space. Over all, the main purpose is to decorate, each composite pot is a separate artifacts if we choose and arrange accordingly, your house will be honored. , show luxury. In addition, we also collect unique species, feng shui combined with high-grade composite pots contribute to assert me, my position.

Among the numerous varieties of interiors in terms of types, shapes, and composite pots that are widespread with different designs on the market today, you will have a hard time choosing which product the best? But that is not an important issue when you come to our company always have a team of consultants willing to listen & give the best advice for you. The only thing that TAG wonders is that customers choose a good interior or overlooks the accompanying composite pots - a very important accompaniment. As an inseparable friend, as a background to the tree can shine brightly, nothing else is a composite pots planted - where nutrients for plants grow green.

With many outstanding features, Composite pots have emerged as a top choice for home decor, this is the perfect match for your living - working space. Let's find out what is a Composite pot that can pass traditional pots such as terracotta pots, ceramic pots, porcelain, cement ... to make the rain on the market like that?

Composite is the material used since 5000 BC, which is a small stone mixed into the soil before making bricks to avoid warping when exposed to the sun. Today, Composite is made from a mixture of plastic and Fiberglass fiber, mechanical and durable, with many advantages such as:

Lightweight, durable, stainless.

+ Rich color and luxury.

+ Good chemical resistance, good weather

+ Very suitable with the requirements of the pots of indoor and outdoor decoration.

Composite pots are divided into 2 main categories:

- Fiberstone pots: These pots are made of plastic, fiberglass and lime stone combined. With moderate and accurate amount should create beautiful pots. If the material is mixed with too much powder, the product will become dry, not smooth, paint is not beautiful.

- Fiberglass pots: Only plastic and fiberglass materials are used, so they are durable, light and solid. The surface of the pot is smooth, the paint will stick and shine more.

At composite pots, they are precisely blended and do not add any compound. At TAG, we specialize in manufacturing and supplying a full range of quality Composite pots in a variety of sizes and designs.

Composite pots look impressive. With many aesthetic designs and excellent design luxury should be a lot of people love.

Composite basins are easier to use than many other types, and they have a very high life expectancy, less stain and easy cleaning. It also means that the cost to bring back these pots is considered more than a hole.

Composite basins made from new materials have many outstanding features

+ High durability, light, stainless, good chemical resistance, not affected by weather conditions

+ Overcome the disadvantages of traditional pots: heavy, transport difficult, fragile, ..

In the process of transportation is easier because they are durable, do not break when collision.

+ Especially, composite pots can regulate water for plants. Make sure the tree is not flooded or waterlogged.


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