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TK Pottery | News

vietnam pottery planters (12/11/2017)

The speed of urbanization is getting more and more rapid. Everywhere, the high buildings and the townhouses grow together. Observation, there is very little space, garden for each house in the city. It is a good idea to bring greenery into your home with Vietnam pottery

Terracotta pots (19/10/2017)

you want to design the terrace less boring and monotonous, you want to own the garden pattern on the terrace, you also do not know which tree to choose just beautiful and suitable for this space. Let this article help you.

crop planting techniques (28/09/2017)

Sang pots are a required work in plantation techniques for the maker and play ornamental plants. Long not to pots, broken trees. Wrong pots of diseased plant technique and branching out or die. Most of the houses are also more or less ornamental decoration of the exterior or interior. Therefore, it is very important to introduce the technique to pots.

Ideas for picking vegetables in the house (25/09/2017)

With many fluctuations and the absence of dangers or risk of sensory protection recently, many Houses have decided to create their own garden to grow vegetables, serve meals. daily in the house itself. In response to that demand, manufacturers have produced many potted plants dedicated to growing vegetables in the Home

Plant pots are suitable everywhere (19/09/2017)

Not only the space in the home should be decorated, the shops and offices are now decorated with pots of trees. This helps restaurant space, luxury hotels but closer to nature