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TK Pottery | News

Tho Ha pottery Learn (24/02/2017)

Traditional pottery village represents only a small fraction of the tens of thousands of craft villages in Vietnam in general. The traditional village has created a lot of products that are not only goods but also value the present value of culture and history. Our team of artisans and system know-how and processes trades, the products are handed down along with the entire landscape, the environment, the value system, and standards, lifestyles, traditions, festivals traditional craft villages has been the objects should be preserved and promoted.

Vietnam and ceramic artistic value (23/02/2017)

Ceramic is known to word social class and it derived from folk art, human emotions, most inspiring artists in the ceramic mold making have soul vibe and voices of artists are like the life of society.

Ceramics Dong Nai (07/02/2017)

Ceramics Dong Nai has a long history of thousands of years on the bottom with a ceramic incredibly diverse line of pottery that has lines are appreciated in terms of art and usability, typically the first to be mentioned is the brown glaze.

Strokes copper ceramic deer (20/01/2017)

Ceramic Bien Hoa, Dong Nai has beautiful, durable, charming romantic queen.gom Dong Nai who formed line-style pottery South marked a historical stage of development of ceramic art in the South during and modern approach.

The beauty of Bien Hoa pottery (19/01/2017)

Air Ceramics border is known as the famous ceramics. It characterized the old features and modern style. Art pottery Bien Hoa there are countless styles with many different kinds of traditional beauty but its characteristic nature shown through two different aspects: Air boasts a balance in shaping products and exclusive features aesthetic originality of small objects.