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TK Pottery | News

The area of ​​Bien Hoa - Dong Nai (24/03/2017)

The area of ​​Bien Hoa - Dong Nai has good materials for pottery industry. On the land of Bien Hoa - Dong Nai, through the discovery of archeology, showed that pottery has grown for a long time. In the archaeological sites, the number of ceramic artifacts in large proportions with many types and types. Through research, scientists said that the ancient inhabitants in Bien Hoa - Dong Nai province in the development of their know how to make pottery with high technical level. It means that there is a traditional pottery-making tradition of the ancient community in Dong Nai. Characteristics of ancient pottery in Dong Nai is the diversity of materials, colors, rich in style, solidity, rustic in decoration, stable in type and abundant in quantity.

What do you know about Vietnamese pottery village (23/03/2017)

Pottery is increasingly growing and is in the trend of integration with the world. Speaking of pottery, we must mention the famous ceramic pottery of Vietnam such as pottery pots, Dong Nai pottery, Bat Trang pottery.

Bien Hoa terracotta pots (22/03/2017)

After searching for products, collecting and preserving ceramics, those who love porcelains in Bien Hoa in particular and the whole country said that they wanted to develop more traditional ceramic products.

About some pottery villages in the Red River delta (14/03/2017)

Traditional pottery villages make up only a small part of the tens of thousands of craft villages in Vietnam. Traditional villages have created many products that not only have valuable goods but also have cultural and historical value. Teams of artisans, know-how and crafting processes, products are handed down along with the entire landscape, environment, systems of values ​​and norms, lifestyles, customs and festivals. Traditional craft villages have been and will be the objects to be preserved and promoted.

Ceramics production process (03/03/2017)

Today we share with you along the process of making ceramics brand name of Vietnam. To be able to produce high quality ceramics, the workers must go through the stages of selecting and handling of raw materials and the preparation of materials and shape, pattern and coated mem, baked products and finally the finished product selection with high standards.