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TK Pottery | News

The inherent beauty of Dong Nai pottery (19/05/2017)

Very few people know that ceramic products in Bien Hoa, Dong Nai province were famous both at home and abroad from the late 19th century to the early 20th century. Until now, ceramic products in Bien Hoa at that time These are very rare and precious products for those who are interested in collecting old pottery.

Decorate Bien Hoa pottery (06/05/2017)

Handicrafts, which are visual art forms, are always associated with the culture and fine arts of a particular country, ethnic or ethnic group, race or religion of each locality.

Artisans or artisans use the language and material, along with the taste and indigenous culture of their people, and use their talents, living capital, and hereditary experience to create samples. The code, through which to revive the soul of his father's own soul. This has made crafts art both take the unique form of each locality has hidden deep ethnicity.

Binh Duong pottery road (03/05/2017)

The Binh Duong road has many people think of the potential land development technology few people can notice that this is a land of strong development of fine arts.

Experience selecting potted plants (27/03/2017)

Bowls are one of the plants that are used by many to contain piles to ensure that plants grow and increase the fine art of ornamental plants telling them and the art scene in particular. Hence, the pots for planting are very important, which greatly affects the value of the crop. Today we share with readers some experiences of selecting potted plants.

lightweight cement pottery (26/03/2017)

With the increasing development of materials science and the demand for modern pieces of green, the hustle has led to the development of a diverse plant potting market in terms of design to materials.