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TK Pottery | News

Vietnamese pottery manufacturers (14/06/2017)

Nowadays, when the decorative designs are changing, the decorative items have changed so that they can come along with the new trend. The pots also grow so that the old ones are gradually replaced.

Vietnamese pottery supplier (14/06/2017)

Plant pots can be said to be indispensable in today's modern decorative spaces. Bonsai plants are planted in the misty space to bring fresh air, more comfortable for the people around

Pots patterns Vietnam pottery (12/06/2017)

Currently, compiste pots are becoming increasingly popular among bonsai growers. They are designed in a modern style and fit the current trend

Modern pots today (27/05/2017)

Nowadays when modern designs are more and more, the decoration of potted plants in these spaces is gradually changing, the pots of old-fashioned ceramics are no longer used as pots. According to the new design, modern and space-appropriate. Understanding this, we have been at the forefront of design and production of new pots for modern decorations to meet the increasing demands of our customers.

Buy potted plants in the house (26/05/2017)

Plant pots bring feng shui effect to your house. Fresh air makes the house clear, fresh and attract more visitors. Decorating pots with feng shui trees, bring beauty to the house is always a problem that the owners still have questions