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TK Pottery | News

Vietnamese pottery modern and modern decorative art (13/07/2017)

In the art of modern and refined space decoration, beautiful flower pots are indispensable. With beautiful flower pots combined with green leaves and colorful flowers, the space around you becomes fresh and pleasant

Advantages when using vegetable ceramics vietnam (05/07/2017)

ceramics vietnam Growing and caring for green vegetables in your home to serve your family's daily meals is a popular trend in many places

Why do not use plants of polystone planters (05/07/2017)

Polystone planters In spaces designed and built in a contemporary, classical style, the obvious clarity of terracotta pots is a clear one. Soil is the material used to create many things in life and is also considered one of the leading potting material. Terracotta pots have a rustic, reasonable price should be used quite popular in today's living conditions. 

15 design intelligent and modern spice pots for small spaces (29/06/2017)

The design of indoor spice pots is not only extremely intelligent, but its beauty contributes to decorating your living space.

Many of the designs and smart systems of the spice plantlets below will surprise you from one surprise to the next.

Vietnamese pottery (20/06/2017)

Growing bonsai in the home is becoming a pleasure for many people, not only make the space become beautiful and fancy, but also make the house become closer to nature, fresh air